Future Projects


When a kidnapping breaks all the rules by starting in one world and ending in another,  some serious creativity is going to be needed to get Karlene home to where people don't fly, buildings don't float, and her blood isn't used to open up interdimensional portals.

The Oracle Wars

A laughing village boy rises to be the greatest of them all. An angry slave girl awakens to powers not meant for mortal minds. The Keeper entrusted to keep the land alive is betrayed.

In the Glorious and Eternal Empire of Tanavet, Empresses, Keepers, and Oracles fight to keep the world from breaking a second time.

Of Vows and Kingdoms

In the cold and rigid Kingdom of Namoris, the Princess Khasamira has resigned herself to being the lesser of the royal daughters. At least, until it becomes apparent she is the only one who can stop a war begun on false pretenses- by disguising herself as a  male, and joining the very forces she has sworn to disband.